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Graphic Guides
Code Name Image Price    
GPC205 Pantone Reference Library $1,399.00
LRPSC Pantone Color Chips Replacement Page (coated) $8.50
LRPSU Pantone Color Chips Replacement Page (uncoated) $8.50
GG1504 Pantone Pastels & Neons Coated & Uncoated $95.00
GG1505 Pantone Premium Metallics Coated $95.00
GB1505 Pantone Premium Metallics Chips Coated $195.00
GG1507 Pantone Metallic Formula Guide Coated Plus Series $90.00
GP1507 PANTONE Plus Series Metallic Guide Set $145.00
GP5101 CMYK Coated and Uncoated $155.00
STG201 SkinTone Guide $99.00
D50 Lighting Indicator Stickers $55.00
D65 Lighting Indicator Stickers $55.00
2015-004S Solid to Seven $260.00
2015-005S Bridge to Seven $280.00
2015-009S Color Extended Combo $560.00
GG6104N Color Bridge Guide Uncoated $175.00
GP1601N Formula Guide Coated and Uncoated $155.00
GP1601-SUPL Formula Guide Coated & Uncoated Supplement $25.00
GP1606N Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated $370.00
GP1606-SUPL Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated Supplement $45.00
GP1608N Solid Color Set $450.00
GP1609N Capsure & Formula Guide Bundle $875.00
GP6102N Color Bridge Set Coated & Uncoated $300.00
GP6102-SUPL Color Bridge Coated & Uncoated Supplement $40.00
GPG301N Essentials Set $570.00
GPG304N Portable Guide Studio $800.00
GPC305N Reference Library $1,620.00
GG6103N Color Bridge Guide Coated $175.00
GP1605N Solid Guide Set $370.00
FHIP110 FHI Color Guide $235.00
FHIP120 FHI Color Guide Supplement $50.00
FHIP230 FHI Color Specifier + Guide Set $845.00
FHIP320 FHI Color Specifier + Guide Set Supplement $130.00
FHIP220 FHI Color Specifier Supplement $90.00